Sitemap - 2022 - Take Back Power with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Explosive Stop The Shots case in South Africa

Babies injected with C19 shots in South Africa

Court Case: Stop the Shots - South Africa

Stop The Shots, or we must see you in court

Are you ready for Climate Lockdowns?


FILM SCREENING: #CountDown2030 - Exposing the WEF and discussing how we can break free

WATCH: Vaccine - Conspiracy of Silence Broken

Why Are Half the WHO’s Senior Leadership Leaving?

Klaus Schwab's Deadly Apartheid Bombs + SA VAERS C19 Shot Hero Speaks Out

Disease X could cause a serious international epidemic?

WHAT is in C19 injection vials? Experts speak

EVENT: Amnesty, Nuremberg and Covid-19

Bill Gates Facing Justice for Causing Harm?

We The People must defend Free Speech

What's the catch? Vaccine Injured Can Sue Manufacturers - Despite Indemnity

WHO: President's office responds to PAIA

Pandemic Amnesty - Do you forgive and forget?

Amnesty for C19 crimes against humanity?

Stand with Dr Jackie Stone - Join the Demonstration against her going to prison

Jailed for saving lives? Free Dr Jackie Stone

Have you watched The Real Anthony Fauci yet?

Security alert on the day of a South African parliament hearing regarding thousands of objections to a controversial anti-terror bill.

Our right to know: South African government served with PAIA notice regarding W.H.O activities

Food supply attacks, WEF censorship, SA VAERS + more on Good Morning CHD with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Would you accept vaccinated blood transfusion?

One Day: Watch this powerful song of love and freedom

Fauci Resigns - CELEBRATION!

Whistle-blower: Veteran Nurse reveals horrific C19 patient mistreatment, tragic C19 vaccine injuries, and censorship

ACTION ALERT: Clarion call for international solidarity with South Africa against tyrannical health regulations

WHO Africa Briefing on Health Issues in Africa

Zev Zelenko - Rest In Power, activist

African Sovereignty Coalition tells the WHO (and unethical Big Pharma) to stay away from Africa

Launch of the African Sovereignty Coalition - Saturday 18 June 2022 - 1pm GMT

Independent Pharmacovigilance Report Confirms Evidence for Recall of Covid-19 Vaccines

What the actual WHO is going on?

All hands on deck to #StopTheWHO

What makes Tedros think that the WHO can run an epidemic better than individual states can?

Press Conference: Democracy under threat - WHO'S centralization of power

Africa objects to US proposal on controversial IHR amendments

Why did YouTube ban my speech at Better Way Conference?

Tedros mentions growing resistance to WHO's power grab, at a media briefing 17 May 2022

Why is the City Council of Bath UK suppressing the right to freedom of speech in 2022?

It's time for Africa - keNako!

Watch my WHO interviews with James Roguski and Reiner Fuelmich

Wake Up Asia. Wake Up World

What did The People say to the WHO?

Did the WHO website crash because people stood up for health and freedom?

WHO shows who the money?

Why was South Africa chosen as a mRNA vaccine production hub?

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