Praying this case prevails in the too often corrupt court system everywhere.

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🙏🙏🙏, Honourable,Truth, Integrity, Praiseworthy, Bold, Support, Strength, Keep Accountable, Justice, Protect, Family, Real doctors, Real layers, Amen

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When money rules common sense then

CHAOS governs above wisdom and the laws of LIFE are destroyed...

Politicians and Business has no common sense... Governed by Power Greed.

Remove both and wisdom is Supreme.

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The clarion call of sanity and goodness against palpable evil that will be heard across the World, even down to the South Seas, in the hermit principality of the WEF, New Zealand.

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Very good. Children have no choice.

These are evil murderers.... I hope they face justice.

These are grave sins. I think some of these are mad.

Please, Ubuntu?

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Praying that this case is successful. Our children have natural immune systems There are too many reports of little ones having bad reactions to the jab. Lord we claim victory over the decision the government has made. Amen.

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