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Brilliant work Shabnam!

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Thank you for keeping the reminders coming -- ever so much appreciated! <3

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Thanks Shabnam. Unanimous verdict on the vote there! Great to see.

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Jul 4, 2023·edited Jul 4, 2023

Good work! Beautifully expressed.

This article clearly outlines the serious threat that MUST be addressed of the role of corporate interests in the policy making of all of our governments who are obviously, and undeniably pushing this coup of corporate interests that is the publicly stated agenda of the billionaires networking club the WEF, and their training and placing of their agents throughout our governments, institutions, authorities, judiciary, and media.. The evidence of abuses of political and public services to advance this agenda , including the censorship and complete ignoring of the now reams of strong evidence of known grave harms that resulted , including deaths, is more than enough to indite, investigate, and address properly those knowingly colluding or compromised. The WHO must be dissolved, and all agents of this agenda representing a clear assault on all of our countries and peoples must be adddressed and justice must be seen to be done. This level of their assault and it's level of harm cannot be addressed by simply exiting the WHO . This danger of Regulatory Capture MUST be neutralized by a proper investigation and response as a united response by all of our nations and people's. The threat is a global one , to all of us. We must unite together and address it in that same manner. The source is not hard; same old, same old: follow the money. In ALL areas; the WHO is only one of it's faces. The feeling of support for all of us us strong, we all know that. We're all tracking and watching and sending strength and blessings of support to our brothers and sisters all over this globe. This terrible thing that has happened, to all of us, in this strange and frightening thing we have been experiencing and facing together, we all know and feel that it actually united all of us ; in spite of any other differences in our lives. I know we all feel that our hearts are united. How do we do this as a united front then? We can't leave any of our brothers and sisters behind.

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The WHO must be Scrapped in the RSA. They kill and enslave us in the Name of containing pandemics. People are well aware no ONE elected the WHO.

It wanna take away our Freedom, to make our Constitutional Rigjts useless. Tedros must think like human being, he's the one pushing the AGENDA to reduce Population, giving Bill Gates+ powers to mass depopulate us.

WHO and Vaxxines are ment to torture us, push us into taking vaccine.

The WHO, BILL GATES, WEF, UN+ are in this together. They wanna Reset the World.

It's clear there's NOTHING safe with mRNA Vaccine, are ment to destroy immunity. This is Demonic en Heartless.

They wanna get Rich by permanently injuring and killing us. Who says they must create mRNA for us by force? They must create Vaccines to inject their Families and themselves to test how it works, experience It's NEGATIVE Deadly side effects 1st. Am tired of those Satanists.

WHO+ must just peacefully stay away from us. Bill Gates must go to Jail with his scheme..




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