The SA Government is likely to agree to the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments which is treason against South Africa and it's citizens. (the harmful/lethal injecting of citizens is also treason). As such the SA government has forfeited it's right to representation of the people. The people have not been consulted and the government has no mandate to hand over SA's sovereignty or that of it's citizens to the WHO. This is underhanded and deceitful and does not represent the will of SA citizens. As such I believe we need to tell the WHO that because of the above the SA government does not represent South Africa and we as SA citizens are putting on the table our rejection of both the Pandemic treaty/IHR amendments and are also serving notice to exit the WHO.

We are trying to use their systems to protect ourselves and it isn't working. We must tell them that no South African citizen will knowingly put themselves in a position where they will be forced to be injected with known/unknown harmful materials or give up personal health decisions. In addition the WHO is unelected and has no authority over South African citizens regardless of what SA's treasonous government says or does.

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Good News!

¨Estonia notifies WHO that it rejects the Pandemic Treaty and amendments to International Health Regulations.¨


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I hope to join you on zoom today. We must stop the WHO & WEF power grab

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