That's great to hear, Shabnam. Time to put the pressure on.

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May 18, 2022Liked by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Awesome!! Let’s keep the pressure on this criminal gang!!

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Stellar news, Shabnam—you know he would never mention it if they weren’t concerned we are having an impact!

Please feel free to use my letter about the amendments in any way you wish as we work together to #StopTheWHO 🙌

• “Letter to the US HHS Office of Global Affairs” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-us-hhs-office-of-global)

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Shabnam, you are in hottest story.... I'm following you, in order to follow these bastards.

We stop NWO commies in American heartland

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This is fascinating. I am very interested in these barbarians.

I think I saw you on Bitchute interview 2 hrs ago !!

Stop the cult!

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I can tell you: it's not a small minority, and we are furious. I'm not taking any freaken order from any globalist soldier or health officer. Or any such order passed through a TRAITOR posing as an American. I'm Catholic, not in union with false pope Francis, and I believe in Catholic teaching of subsidiarity.

Here in America, we are ready for tedros garbage.

Come and vax me tedros... I'll be waiting...bring a couple hundred UN soldiers...

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We are with you 100% Shabnam Palesa Mohamed ...... stay strong, stand tall !!

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Btw, Catholic Church teaches problems to be solved at most local level possible. Subsidarity.

Since we lost Vatican in 1958, 6 false popes are building one world religion for yhe one world government . Just one example... Catholic Church ALWAYS death foe of communism.... so commies tricked world in APPEARING to put john23 on Seat of Peter...

They have love fest with commie bastards and nwo types.. in their documents and hosting them.

Next comment my public comment on Saint Peter's in Vatican...

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