Hi Shabnam,

Can we watch if we're not a lawyer?

Didn't want to email you if you're up to your eyes in lawyers, lol.

Is there a non-participant link to listen/watch?

Best of luck. Sounds great. Just what we need.


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Well my brain fog from adverse affects from Pfizer covid vaccines 3 shots is a big problem for me. So just saying... dim wit. Also this platform cut off most of what I was trying to explain here and it is not set up to open the comment section bigger so you can edit better. Not to mention how there was no indication of limit of characters so much of what I was trying to explain was cut off without warning. Just saying ... Not worth the time and effort to post here since online trolls seem to be the only one here harassing posters. Just saying . . .

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Nov 22, 2023·edited Nov 22, 2023

I live in the U.S. and the corruption is wide spread and I have heard the U.S. has already signed onto this WHO treaty. I guess Mr. Bill Gates wants to be the next world emperor with funding WHO for years. Now he hired the top AI CEO from Google company this week and he will be extremely dangerous since they think with all these top AI people he will lead the world in AI in maybe 9 months. Quantum computers are now a reality and getting even faster which is beyond our understanding. Couple that with AI and we will be a danger to ourselves and the world. Google actually fired this AI CEO because he was not being truthful about the danger of what he was doing with AI. Then Gates people swoop in and hire him and his team will follow him. Gates has a really sorted past on being ruthless like so many robber barons of the past. I will be retiring in 1.5 yrs and want to know where can I flee to as an expat? What countries have said no to WHO? Right now it is my understanding that the U.S. is the only country that requires expats to pay taxes even if they live full time elsewhere. I guess they need us to pay for the 800 international military bases we have around the world to bully and intimidate not to be the policemen of the world. Also they require other countries to report to them any Americans who have bank accounts so they can track our money for taxing. Many countries do not like to be doing all that extra work so they refuse to open banking accounts for Americans. If you try to get citizenship in another country it seems like many will make it really difficult perhaps due to pressure from the U.S.. Then to renounce your American citizenship so no dual citizenship if you are able to get it, they make it super difficult as well with the U.S. They say you have to have lived in country for so many years before they will even listen to the request. What is happening in the U.S. is scary stuff and they slowly boiled us frogs and now the awareness is stark. The deep state runs things after watching how both parties let it all go down during the pandemic. Our healthcare is now in alliance with big defense contractors who have harnessed the power of big pharma with bioweapons and sleazy dangerous vaccines. I am afraid with all the new mRNA facilities we are now building they will mandate these and the public will be exposed to more Mengele type vaccine experiments. I had adverse affects from the Pfizer vaccines and doctors are too scared to admit the effects, and this way they avoid helping us. We are on our own. I can see the U.S. planting more pandemics around the world like the last one. Fauci contracted with Chinese lab in a county we have significant tensions with and why in the world would we have these enemies do our bioweapons research? It makes no sense unless we planned to set them up for leak for them to lose face in the world. It did start riots in China. Not only does the deep state want Putin gone (no innocent either) but they want Xi gone too. Why does Fauci now need secret service protection and he has not left the NIH either. He has another roll there along with his wife. I don't think a change in Presidents will change how our deep state operates unfortunately. The corporate take over is complete. China persuades by helping countries with dams and other big things they desperately need, whereas we build military bases to intimidate and to spend money there we don't have but go further into debt. China is no innocent but certainly we are just as bad but in other ways or worse. Now our defense contractors are always wanting us engaged it at least one proxy war if not more for their coffers. Eisenhower warned us in the 1950's about the industrial military complex and he was spot on. This war mongering is getting dangerous by our elites. We spend 800 billion a year for defense and funding 800 international military bases and we are broke. Each citizen is in debt to about 240K due to all the proxy wars and the numbers grow each day. This is unsustainable. We allow corporations to operate with dollar signs in their eyes and their really is no oversight to protect the citizens in a real way. So many harms are allowed for profit. So many homeless now, we send money to other countries and spend on more weapons instead. I don't know if the world will be able to say no to us in the future with AI either. Maybe it will wipe us all out too. There are no guard rails in place with tech and this has been the case for decades. The implications are vast. Not sure where we can flee to. It will happen faster than you think. All these UFO sightings are likely the U.S. military doings. My guess is if China or Russia decided to push back they will find out all too soon how advanced our systems are with fasting moving orbs that do god knows what. Recently the head of the government's UFO inquiry quit probably in disgust and he had some final words saying how these UFOs are from us on earth and not from outer-space. So he was in charge of investigating this and probably felt like a patsy for being appointed to lead this group. Just this week Google went from top dog in tech to now they are saying they had counted on AI to take them beyond and now experts are saying Gates will take the lead and Google may not survive losing AI. I live in the state of Gates where it all started and he runs this state. Our past governor went to work for his foundation, Gregoire, and our current governor, Inslee, is likely to go work for him too. Our attorney general, Ferguson, who did very little for citizens used to work at the Gates law firm and he is now slated to be our next governor. Then Inslee's governors office attorney will run for attorney general to replace Ferguson. So the fix is in big time in this wealthy state. So Gates is very attuned to corrupting political process to get what he wants. If he can do that in our state easy peasy then the U.S. is no big deal to him. Now he wants the world to bend the knee he is that insane and greedy. He knows how to hire the right people to make the narrative sound good. I could write pages on all the awful things he has done but most can think of at least one thing on their own without my help. It feels too little too late to stop him even with attorneys. Gates father ran a successful law firm and they know how to attract the top talent and did that from day one. I know since I grew up with Gates first one who liked to argue with me as a kid. He was gifted but moved on. Was working for Elon but left that I think too. Aaron Siri was able to get documents released on vaccines but it is a slow process and not making as much head way as I had hoped. He is chipping away it but the train has already left the station. We are older and not sure we will be any safer in countries that say no to WHO. We don't have a lot of money but compared to the world we might seem like easy pickings. Being a teacher did not provide for any wealth much at all. I hope I am wrong but after watching this pandemic play out the take over feels complete. Any country out there values retired school teacher family to be good citizens who do the right thing? Not sure that matters anymore.

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