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It is a must for all people of the nations of this once proud continent filled with life and reverence for it's abundance of nature to remove those who believe that the only good is plunder, wealth, power and control. Not only is it under threat from the WHO which has no legitimate members of health (read dissolving illusions for the great fraud of Vaccines and the fact Necroscopy has proven long ago that "virus" do not exist as stated but are part of the virome of the body to clean and protect itself from dead and dying tissue and pathogens that are natural in especially meat products which explode in population (usually anaerobic nano and micro bacteria, mold and other species that are natural for the break down and decay of dead creatures once the blood along with the Enzymes (not Virus as referred to in the Virome) which clean the body made from within human cells.

It's all connected for centuries of what was coined Eugenics at a much later time since the 1500s since Marburg and the countries that have destroyed the natural splendor and wonder of life itself for profit. Even now, the same connections to Europe who have fished their own continent out of the majority of all forms of life in the seas, oceans and rivers are stealing fish though the use of massive trawlers which are illegal off African coasts.

Knowledge is not wisdom and high IQ without wisdom is what those who love money and power more than life itself are the most dangerous people on the planet. This has also happened throughout the Western Continents that I refuse to call "Americas" as it should never have been wiped out and turned into a sewer from a lush and varied land of a vast living ecosystem revered by those who understood that the "white man" speaks with the tongue of a viper, wiping out the northern populations from over 60 million to less than 1 million and polluting all they took and destroying the entire area for future generations of all living things.

Antoine Bechamp was right and Louis Pasteur was a quack and science has become a farce. Take care of the land and it's living creatures from the soil to the grandest of all the wonder of your continent so that the future, which belongs to future generations may all experience what the living can now and protect them as we depend on one another in a web infinitely more complicated than the "science" can ever fathom.

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Well Done Africa!

We must remove the parasitic control of the WHO and their master The United Nations from our Great Continent!!

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