The problem is that people who have had the shots obviously think the messenger is being nasty. It's painful news.

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How long are we gonna focus on sci fi vaporware, ignoring the real cause of sickness and turbo cancer?

Before covid, Moderna knew there was an issue with multi dose gene therapy.

The LNPs, lipids, clog up a lot of things.

That's the cause of cancer, the toxicity and difficulty of elimination.

Also, anything foreign injected directly into us is not unlike a wound that isn't cleaned.

That's why people get sick. Not some BS DNA or mRNA fairy tale.

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I plan to listen to the expert panel

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'Fact Checkers' (said "tongue in cheek") will declare any statements emanating from this Hearing as "False information, unsubstantiated".

FB recently labeled a post as such - was Peter McCullough's recent European Parliament speech.

'they' don't like what is said, runs counter the narrative?

Sic the 'fact-checkers' on it ....

Fact Checkers - brought to you, by PFIZER.

..... Is it " brought " , or - BOUGHT ??? 🤔

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With SV40 promoter....? Yes!

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This is a very interesting interview with Dr Ardis Shabnam. Keyword : Venom and Nicotine.

The Antidote: The Explosive Truth, Origin, and Antidote for C19


The Dr Ardis Show https://thedrardisshow.com/

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